TW Painting With Friends

“Aviva's Graduation Party” Thursday June 17th, 2pm-4pm

$45.00 $30.00

Private Party. Join us at “Aviva’s Graduation Party”. Thursday June 17th We will be painting on an 11” by 14” Canvas creating Aviva’s vision and bringing to life our inner Picasso. Party Time is 2:00pm-4:00pm. Party Location is 1784 East 29th Street Brooklyn NY.

We provide Canvas/Paint & Supplies and you will depart with your own personal beautiful creation. 

Please E-mail us with the names and phone numbers of the Painters.

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This is a 2 hour Party. If the class goes over more than 15 minutes then scheduled, each painter will be charged $10.00 per hour.

REFUND POLICY For Private Party

For a children's private party we require a minimum of 6 people so if the total number of  people that end up coming is lower than 6 painters, your party will be responsible for the remainder of the seats that will total 6. If you need to cancel the party due to any reason, there must be a 14 Day Cancellation or you will lose your deposit. Deposit is non refundable if the party is cancelled in less then 14 days prior  to set party time that was already established by costumer. 

You are not allowed to change the party hours the day of the party. If the time needs to be changed, this has to be discussed at least 24 hours prior to set party date and time and will only be changed if we have availability to take your request. If your party is running late and you have to push the time we charge by every extra hour. 

All of our Paint Parties are 2 hours we charge $150 per extra hour. All seats and hours must be paid in full prior to the actual party date. The extra 2 hours will be at half price, $75 per extra hour, total price for extra 2 hours will be $150.