Tech World TW Painting With Friends

Deposit for 2 Hours of Party Time for Sunday March 4th and Sunday March 18th from 5:00pm-7:00pm


This is a deposit for the following. This is 2 Hours of Party Time for Sunday March 4th and Sunday March 18th. Party Time Starts at 5:00pm, party ends at 7:00pm for both dates. This is a purchase of a 2 hour rental for our space at Party Place For U located at 41 Avenue S, Brooklyn, NY 11223. By making this deposit Malissa Smiley understands that it is the deposit for those dates and time and it locks in both dates and times for her own personal private party. This purchase covers 5:00pm-7:00pm for both dates. Malissa Smiley understands that she can add extra hours to her party time if the hours are available and the charge will be $150.00 per extra hour. There are no refunds with this purchase. All Sales are FINAL!! If any of these dates need to be rescheduled, they must be rescheduled 2 weeks prior to set date and time of Party. If the party gets cancelled and the event is not rescheduled prior to 2 weeks or Party time, there will be NO Refund for this date, the party loses their date and time and there will be no refund or rescheduling for that date and time if it is not rescheduled prior to 2 weeks of set date and time of the party. The Original price is $150 per hour which will bring the total to $600.00 for the 2 rentals of space we have agreed on a 25% off discounted price for the rental of 2 dates and it will bring the total cost for both dates to $450.00. The total cost of $450 ($200.00 which is the remainder) must be Paid by Friday March 2nd or the date for March 18th can be given to another party and the price for the first party will go back up to $300.00 for the 2 hour party.

-The Renter can come and set up for their party up to an hour earlier then the starting time, starting time is 5:00pm and the renter can come in at 4:00pm, there is no charge for this hour.

-The renter is responsible for cleaning and leaving the place the same way it was presented to them at starting time 4:00pm. The renter has a half hour free of charge to leave the place the way it was presented to them. At 7:30pm sharp the place needs to be handed over to us the way it was presented to Malissa Smiley at 4:00pm with no people in the place and everything must be clean or there will be a charge of $50 if the time goes over 7:30pm or the place is not up to par.

-The renter is responsible for any damage of the premises rented to them at the date and time agreed above. Price of damage will be determined and given to the renter and it will be the renter’s responsibility to pay for any damage to the premises and also any items in the premises that were damaged at the rented time by the renter.

-Renter is allowed to use folding chairs and tables, and the lounge area which includes pillows and square storage chairs. If any of these items are damages during the renters, renting time, the renter is responsible for replacing these items and paying TechWorld, Llc (TW Painting With Friends) at the following prices, the same day prior to leaving the premises.

-Folding Chairs $15.00 per chair

-Folding tables $55.00 per table

-Lounge Pillows $12.00 per pillow

-Lounge chairs $15.00 per lounge chair

-Television $450

-Stereo system $400

-Renter is allowed to use the refrigerator, microwave, lounge area, bathroom, toilet paper, tables and chairs of the premises. If the renter will like to use anything other than these things listed here, it is the renters responsibility to ask Katherine Konstantinidis Phone number (917)648-9780 and receive a verbal permission prior to usage of anything that is stored in the space, such as tissues, plastic utensils, paper plates and so on and so forth.

-Renter will not use and is not permitted to take anything that belongs to the premises such as all of the things listed above and art material that are stored in the premises such as easels, paint, canvases, costumes for children and so on and so forth.

-We are allowing Malissa to use our tables and table cloths, chairs, easels, plastic cups for water.

-If the renter feels that they will like more time to rent after the agreed rented time, it will be $150 per extra hour and it will have to be paid at the end of their rented time on March 4th and on March 18th.

-Renter has to keep the music levels at a descent volume.