TW Painting With Friends

06/21/19 Hired for 3 hour instruction from 7:30pm-10:30pm, on an outside location class


     This is a charge for a hired outside event job. We do not bring anything with us. All materials will be provided by the party event planner. We charge $80 per hour for instruction. This will be a 3 hour party, we come in a few minutes earlier then the planned time to assist with the paint. Total charge for a 3 hour instruction is $240.00. Time is to be disused and set. If the time goes over the 3 hours, we charge by the hour $80 per hour. 

Location is:

1449 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11210

Total Mileage back and forth from our location 41 Avenue S Brooklyn NY11223- is 8 miles

Travel fee is $4.28

We charge according to NYS guidelines at $.535 times total travel 4 mi x 2= 4 x$0.535 = Total Travel Mileage $4.28

There are NO Refunds on these fees. We set aside this time ahead of time and block out any other work in order to do this event. If event is cancelled there will be no refunds.