TW Painting With Friends
  • B. 2 Kits- Pick up on Location "Paint At Home Kits" For Children & Adults. "This deal is for 2 Kits" (NO REFUNDS ON THIS DEAL)

    $80.00 $50.00

    This is for a pick up at our location. Pick up time will be discussed and they will have to be picked up at that time or we will have to reschedule pick up time. This deal is for 2 painting kits with the paintings of your choice. Please e-mail us with the name of the paintings you will like to do.  @

    Materials include:

    -11" by 14" Canvas (We Sketch out your painting if it needs Sketching)

    -Paint- Specific colors for your Specific painting

    -Plastic Apron


    -Paper towel
    -Disposable Plate

    -Disposable Cup

    -Instructions on how to paint it

    -Printed picture of your painting choice


    Things you will need at home. 

    *Disposable cup for rinsing your brushes (Plastic Water Cup)

    *Protective covering for you and your furniture. (Plastic tablecloth you can dispose or something you can use to put under the canvas like a news paper that you can dispose)


     You can choose your painting at the link below or e-mail us a picture of your choice as long as it is a recreational painting doable in a 2 hour time frame, we can sketch it and send it to you.


    Click Here for paintings:

    Click here for Childrens Paintings:

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      Shipment is by USPS or we hand deliver.

    There are NO REFUNDS.




    Please make sure to use your apron and cover the area where you will be painting. This is acrylic paint. We are not responsible if paint gets on clothes or furniture. If paint gets on clothing or furniture, clean with soap, water and a sponge right away. Do not wait. Paint is not guaranteed to come off. Please make sure children are supervised when they are painting. Paint is not edible.